The Ruff Family

The Ruff Family have been jewellers since the beginning of the last century. Always priding themselves on excellence of service and the quality of their merchandise, successive generations have survived the economic vicissitudes of two world wars, the 1930's depression and the austerity of the post-war years, to thrive in the 1960s and 70s, turning their family name into a local byword for high-quality jewellery.

When Ian Ruff joined the business in 1975, he saw the potential to expand beyond the limitations of high street trading into a much wider market. Since taking over as Managing Director on his father's retirement in 1993, he has completely restructured the business, moving to a studio at the present address, where he can concentrate on creating original pieces commissioned by clients throughout the world. (A wide range of ready-made items is still available, however).

Just as the new business rests on foundations of professionalism laid down by generations of his family before him, so, as a craftsman and artist, Ian draws on a far older heritage, using techniques known thousands of years ago to the Egyptians and developed and honed by Renaissance masters such as the great Benvenuto Cellini. While C. N. A. Ruff Ltd. look forward to an exciting future, they will never allow themselves to forget those historical standards of excellence which have become their hallmark.